Since HULK was remade (rebooted, restarted, whatever you want to call it) pretty successfully with THE INCREDIBLE HULK, it got me thinking what other disappointing superhero movies could use the same treatment. I'm not saying all these movies are terrible, just that they didn't live up to their potential and could use another shot.


Michael Clarke Duncan was inspired casting as The Kingpin but that was about the only inspiring thing about this movie. Star Ben Affleck and writer/director Mark Steven Johnson both professed to be huge DAREDEVIL fans, which made this tepid adaptation that much more disappointing.

Who To Direct: DJ Caruso


I swear I'm not piling on Johnson (who also directed this film), it's just coincidence that neither of his films did much to wow me. DAREDEVIL was at least tolerable, but this was just garbage. The Ghost Rider look wasn't all bad but they must've spent all their attention on him and forgot about the rest of the effects. And of course there's Nicolas Cage who was terribly miscast as Johnny Blaze.

Who To Direct: Gore Verbinski


Perhaps the most disappointing of all the films on this list, both FANTASTIC FOUR films didn't just disappoint me, they flat out pissed me off. The material in the "Fantastic Four" comics is some of the strongest available yet we were left with such a jumbled mess, I'd almost get more perverse enjoyment out of Roger Corman's B-movie crapfest. Chris Evans as Human Torch was just about the only thing worth salvaging from this movie. Otherwise, chuck everything and start from scratch.

Who To Direct: JJ Abrams


I suppose it would be difficult to remake an installment in the trilogy but THE LAST STAND was such a downer after the thrills of the first two X-MEN movies that I can't help but wish for a remake. Bryan Singer had definite ideas for a third movie but Matthew Vaughn and eventually Brett Ratner were brought on to move the film ahead when Singer left to shoot SUPERMAN RETURNS. A model for what to do right in superhero movies because a model for what not to do. Don't water it down and load it full of pointless cameos. And please don't ever give us Beast in a pink costume.

Who To Direct: Bring back Bryan Singer!


Not that I'm really dying to see a CATWOMAN movie but the Halle Berry version was so awfully bad, the character deserves a chance at redemption. If BATMAN AND ROBIN can yield BATMAN BEGINS, surely CATWOMAN can yield CATWOMAN BEGINS. My suggestion would be to take the character much younger to explore her life before Batman. And don't make her all goody two-shoes either. Give her that rascally villainous side we know and love.

Who To Direct: Joss Whedon


I'm aware that the Thomas Jane version is currently being sequelized but I have no reason to believe that film is going to be any better than the first (if I'm wrong, I'll happily retract this statement). But the PUNISHER movies were so bad I don't even know where to begin. Tampa? John Travolta? An explosion shaped like a skull? This should be the easiest one to make because you don't need a huge budget. This can be lo-fi: dark, gritty, grimy, blood and bullets. Don't overthink it.

Who To Direct: Joe Carnahan

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