Repo gets good Head

Triple-dipping SAW director Darren Lynn Bousman is getting ready to slice organs with tuneful accompaniment, and is currently assembling the talent (and whatever service Paris Hilton can provide) for his bloody musical REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA.

Brit thesp Anthony Stewart Head has apparently snatched the lead in the gleefully morbid futuristic flick, playing an average dad who spends his evenings repossessing transplanted body parts from delinquent payers. Head is no stranger to mixing song with horror, having previously crooned on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and as Frank N. Furter in stage productions of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Former SPY KID Alexa Vega, who recently kept her vocals warmed up on the stage production of HAIRSPRAY, will play his daughter.

According to Bousman's Myspace page, he also added songstress Sarah Brightman to a cast that already includes Paul Sorvino and Tobin Bell.

In addition, Head's retired Watcher Giles from BUFFY is expected to return for a BBC original movie, which is great news for BUFFY fans (myself included) who want to see more of the show's characters outside of comics.
Extra Tidbit: Head's brother Murray is best known for the 80s pop hit "One Night in Bangkok", from the musical CHESS.



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