Ridley wears Gucci

Director Ridley Scott apparently sweats glue -- he seems to instantly become attached to every project he gets near. Even ones about fashion and supermodels.

Scott plans to bring the story of the iconic Gucci family to screens, focusing on their wild internal quarrels in the 70s and 80s, during which time the successful "luxury goods" company verged on bankruptcy before ultimately becoming an influential fashion house and profitable business operation.

The project (sort of a well-dressed mob tale) isn't going to the catwalk until the WGA strike ends, which suits Scott's packed schedule -- he's finishing his fourth turn with Russell Crowe in the thriller BODY OF LIES, before reuniting again next year for the reverse Robin Hood movie NOTTINGHAM. He'll probably produce and become attached to another dozen projects in his downtime, maybe consider a G.I. JANE sequel or something. Sadly this all puts his planned adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's stunning and grisly western BLOOD MERIDIAN even further on the horizon...
Extra Tidbit: Maurizio Gucci was gunned down in 1995 -- a "hit" arranged by his greedy and spiteful ex-wife.
Source: Variety



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