Roberts on TDK

I bet you thought you were gonna go a whole week without a new update from THE DARK KNIGHT, huh? Well it's not to be, since Eric Roberts spoke to BadTaste about his role in the movie, and how he got the part. "The casting director of the movie was in contact with ICM, my agency. I'm not sure which one of them initiated the call, but I had to meet with and audition for the director. Plus we showed them film from Heroes and other movies of mine, especially ones where I played Italian-American Mafia guys," he said. If I was Roberts I would've just sent them BEST OF THE BEST, with a note asking 'where do I sign?' Since that movie would probably win the Oscar for greatest film ever made (sorry HIGHLANDER, sorry Ricky Bobby), if there was such a category. Roberts also pretends like we're interested in other projects he's doing, mentioning something about some film with Larry the Cable Guy.... So anyway, he talks about who he will be playing, too: Yes, I'm portraying Salvatore Maroni, but director Christopher Nolan chose not to stay entirely true to the comic book version of Maroni. Click HERE for the rest of the interview.
Extra Tidbit: Tell me Roberts shouting "Pop it, pop it Tommy, POP IT!" in BEST OF THE BEST wasn't worth an Oscar.
Source: BadTaste



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