Romanek replacements?

Wolfman In the wake of director Mark Romanek's rather abrupt departure from the remake of THE WOLF MAN, both Quint and AICN grand poobah Harry Knowles have checked with reliable sources and come up with three possible replacements for the ONE HOUR PHOTO director. Quint's inside source tells him that Universal may be looking to either SAHARA train wreck helmsman Breck Eisner or J.J. Abrams puppet CLOVERFIELD director Matt Reeves to explore Benicio Del Toro's lycanthropic tendencies. Clickie for a little tidbit on who else Reeves is looking to bring to the big screen. And Knowles' extremely reliable source informs him that go-to last minute replacement director Brett "The Rat" Ratner may work his blockbuster magic to deliver an easily digestible wolf-themed Hollywood winner. Hey, as long as there's booze and hot extras on hand for Ratner to bang, he'll blow all kinds of shit up around Del Toro, get him a hottie to bump uglies with and make Universal hella green.

Extra Tidbit: Ratner during the first meeting for the film: "Fuck this period bullshit. This shit is gonna be present day, Del Toro's gonna be a fast-talking, wise-ass cop and he'll get Jackie Chan to help him stop an international villain all while getting into hilarious hijinks. It'll be called WOLF HOUR or WOLF RUSH or something. We'l work on that. Anybody have that server's number? Rat Jr. getting a little antsy!"
Source: AICN



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