Rose Barbarella?

When it was announced a few months back that Robert Rodriguez would be directing a remake of the cheeky sci-fi flick BARBARELLA, it prompted immediate speculation as to who he'd cast as his space-faring clothes-shedding adventuress. One of the names often suggested for the role was Rose McGowan, GRINDHOUSE's one-legged warrior-stripper... and Rodriguez's latest squeeze.

According to a JoBlo scooper we'll call 'Zeiss', there may be some truth to that. It seems that Rodriguez and his Troublemaker Studios are gearing up for production, and have already done some FX test footage, with McGowan standing in as the titular intergalactic vixen.

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean McGowan is locked for the part -- she could have just been conveniently available for Rodriguez to use as his "model". Or perhaps he'll use the footage as a convincer for Universal and producer Dino De Laurentiis to cast someone of McGowan's relatively low star wattage in such a major film role.

Either way, the movie will likely start shooting before the end of the year, so we'll soon find out who will replace Jane Fonda as the frisky deep space agent.
Extra Tidbit: McGowan's first "big" role was in Pauly Shore's ENCINO MAN.
Source: JoBlo



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