Rudd does funny

When you see Paul Rudd steal scenes in movies like ANCHORMAN and THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, you gotta wonder why he doesn't do more comedies -- especially since the studios are all still scrambling for their own raunchy blockbusters in the WEDDING CRASHERS wake. Well, Rudd is changing that -- RENO 911: MIAMI hits soon, and he reunited with VIRGIN chum Seth Rogen for the upcoming KNOCKED UP. But what would you get if you paired him with... Stifler?

Rudd is joining Seann William Scott for a new comedy called BIG BROTHERS, playing a pair of boisterous beer company PR guys who get in trouble for their antics and have to mentor kids as part of their community service. Ah, the logic of the Hollywood comedy! What's even more interesting is that the concept started out as a drama and then morphed into an R-rated laffer, probably during a long night of boozing.

The movie is being directed by Luke Greenfield, who last brought us the luscious Elisha Cuthbert in the underappreciated THE GIRL NEXT DOOR.

Extra Tidbit: Like dozens of other famous folks, Rudd has offered his voice to the stop-motion animated Cartoon Network show ROBOT CHICKEN, co-created by Seth Green.



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