Rumor: Will Jason Schwartzman be in Jurassic World?

Let's start by saying this is a big, fat rumor so please take it with a grain of salt. Actually, take it with an entire shaker.

A site called Hypable.com has it from a reliable source that Jason Schwartzman is being considered for a role in JURASSIC WORLD. Why even bother with such a ginormous rumor? Because the possibility of this happening, even just a one in a million chance is awesome. Like Jeff Goldblum awesome. Yeah, I went there. Goldblum is not replaceable but Schwartzman is pretty damn cool. Though I see him in more of a role like Martin Ferrero's, where he played the lawyer that represented the park investors. Again, this all even if Schwartzman is an actual option.

The site reached out to Schwartzman's people who said they could not comment on the rumor which doesn't really mean anything.

The only people currently signed on are Ty Simpkins (IRON MAN 3) and Nick Robinson (KING OF SUMMER). Robinson will play the older brother to Simpkins who are both taking on leading roles. Josh Brolin has been rumored for a part along with Bryce Dallas Howard.

JURASSIC WORLD will take us back to Isla Nublar. Still no concrete info on the plot other than the fact that we will get an all new dinosaur which excites me so much.

Source: Hypable



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