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Russell Crowe may tip the scales as The Equalizer


After the overblown epic ROBIN HOOD, Russell Crowe is dialing it down to street level.

Crowe is attached to star in THE EQUALIZER, the long-planned feature adaptation of the 80s TV series. The original show featured Edward Woodward as New York vigilante Robert McCall, a former secret agent who would lend his particular "troubleshooting" skills to innocents in need. These altruistic acts were McCall's attempts to repent for his more heinous activities during his days as a government spook.

The project is currently making the rounds at the studios in search of a home -- which may prove a challenge after the resounding box office thud of another similarly themed 80s TV show-turned-movie, THE A-TEAM.

The Weinsteins previously tried to get an EQUALIZER movie locked and loaded, and Jason Statham was once rumored for the lead role.

Extra Tidbit: KARATE KID villain William Zabka played McCall's estranged son on the show.
Source: LA Times



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