Salma is in Banda

Salma Hayek It seems executive producing and doing a guest stint on ABC's spectacularly popular "Ugly Betty", a show that celebrates Hispanic culture in a surprisingly endearing way (what, a guy isn't allowed feelings?!?), has inspired some nostalgic homeland feelings in our beloved patron saint Salma Hayek as she's agreed to produce and star in the Spanish-language romantic comedy LA BANDA. Directed by Issa Lopez, who recently popped her studio cherry in Mexico helming a feature for Warner Bros., Hayek will star as a housewife whose opulent lifestyle is on the brink of disappearing when her wealthy husband leaves her. That is, of course, until she takes a job as a wedding singer and the band's popularity skyrockets. Good money for her, no doubt, but she finds it shameful to admit her new job to her high society friends. So, naturally, she has them killed. Only she doesn't. A soundtrack album in which we get to hear Salma's sweet angelic voice is also planned. Filming is expected to begin this summer in Mexico. Hayek can currently be seen humiliating Mode magazine editor-in-chief playboy Daniel Meade and can next be seen in the Bill Macy-directed drama KEEP COMING BACK.

Extra Tidbit: Hayek landed the title role in the Mexican telenovela "Teresa" at the age of 23.
Source: Variety



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