Sam does Unthinkable

Regardless of the fate of the movies Sam Jackson makes (like THE CLEANER, heading directly to DVD shelves this month), you can't fault the guy's work ethic. He might be pushing 60, but he's making up for the lean times of his career by showing up in a half-dozen movies each year.

The new project UNTHINKABLE sounds like it will combine the inherent coolness of Jackson with the utter ridiculousness of TV's 24 (which I firmly believe is the best sitcom on television, regardless of whether it means to be). The plot involves three nuclear devices that are about to be deployed at unknown locations by a single terrorist. It's up to Sam's badass interrogator (Black Bauer?) and a female FBI agent to find the bombs by any means necessary. (Note that Christina Ricci isn't in this new movie, she just looked hot in the picture that happened to have Sam in it.)

The thriller will be directed by Gregor Jordan, who previously helmed the Heath Ledger-starring NED KELLY and the underappreciated BUFFALO SOLDIERS. His adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' novel THE INFORMERS should hit later this year, possibly without vampires.
Extra Tidbit: Whenever I see the word "Informer", that crappy 90s rap-reggae tune by Snow pops into my head. I truly wish that was not the case.
Source: Variety



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