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Sam Jackson's Blood


While a lot of us can't wait for Sam Jackson to give us more face-time as eyepatched SHIELD honcho Nick Fury in IRON MAN 2 (and other Marvel flicks), he'll probably tide us over with about 37 other movies before then.

Jackson is starring in a crime thriller called MIXED BLOOD, which will be directed by the increasingly busy Phillip Noyce (PATRIOT GAMES, CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER). The story adapts Roger Smith's novel about an American, living in South Africa, who saves his family from home intruders but then finds himself involved with kidnappers, police corruption and a "good cop" named Disaster Zondi (that'll be Jackson, of course).

Noyce is currently working on the Angelina Jolie spy film SALT (which desperately needs a new title), and is planning an update of the pirate classic CAPTAIN BLOOD. Apparently he's got a thing for the red stuff.

Extra Tidbit: Will Jackson find his way into Tarantino's INGLORIOUS BASTARDS? Naturally.
Source: Variety



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