Saw 4 rumour

I don't think this is that major, but I understand those of you that don't want to know a thing about any movies before you seem them, so if this is you, you've clicked on the wrong link; this story is a SPOILER, for SAW 3 and 4.

Bloody Disgusting are hitting us up with a new rumor on casting (and maybe the story) for the upcoming SAW 4. Apparently - in spite of repeated insistances to the contrary - Shawnee Smith will be back for the flick. You may or may not remember that last year these were the same guys that reported that Donnie Wahlberg would be back (which he was), only to be slammed by nearly every other website involved in the film.

So what about this rumor? I'd be inclined to believe it. And I'm glad, because her character's a hottie. An absolute psychopath, sure, but a hottie none the less. Who knows how they'll go about this, given the fact she kicked the bucket the last time around. My guess is through flash-backs, which seems to have been the trend in the past. It's cheap I guess, but I think it works. So roll on!
Extra Tidbit: Shawnee got her role in SAW because writer/director had had a crush on her since he was 14.



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