Saw does Vegas

Have you ever watched a SAW movie and thought “Man, I wish I was in one of those traps!”? Yeah, me neither, but apparently someone has, and that’s why the SAW experience is coming to Las Vegas’ Fright Dome.

I’ve never heard of the Fright Dome either, but it’s one of the most massive haunted house attractions in the world, spanning five acres and featuring fog, strobes and so many costumed actors jumping out at you, you’ll think you’re on “Legends of the Hidden Temple.”

But starting Oct 2, conveniently a month before the release of SAW VI, part of the dome is being converted to a SAW theme where according to Twisted Pictures producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules, "Visitors from around the world will be able to experience the terror of Jigsaw first hand."

For die hard fans of the movies (they do exist) this sounds like it could be an interesting concept, but does a haunted house have the right to physically restrain you in some capacity (like in every good Jigsaw trap ever)? If not, I predict a lot of fog, strobes and costumed actors jumping out at you wearing pig masks. Yawn.

Extra Tidbit: I feel like once you start chaining people to pipes, you’ve crossed over from “haunted house” to “S&M dungeon.”
Source: Cinematical



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