Schwentke sees Red

The spy thriller RED already has the involvement of Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman, and is now in the process of finding a director to guide them.

That could be Robert Schwentke, whose chrono-jumping romance THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE will make you weepy through decades on August 14th. Schwentke, who also helmed FLIGHTPLAN and the German thriller TATTOO, has the adaptation of Warren Ellis' DC/Wildstorm series in his targeting scope.

The story revolves around a former CIA operative (Willis) enjoying his retirement, until the new company director (Freeman) discovers his secrets and decides to make it permanent by dispatching a younger high-tech black-ops crew.

Although the book was originally published by Warner Bros. owned comics house DC, Summit (home of TWILIGHT) is behind the movie. Lorenzo di Bonaventura (G.I. JOE, TRANSFORMERS) is producing. Ellis is (deservedly) all over Hollywood lately, as I mentioned just yesterday.

Extra Tidbit: Schwentke was one of several directors who leaped from the troubled runaway train UNSTOPPABLE, now rolling again with Denzel Washington and Tony Scott.
Source: THR



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