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Sherlock 2: vs. Pitt


We're still three months away from unwrapping SHERLOCK HOLMES, but the people behind Guy Ritchie's sleuth adventure are apparently confident enough in its franchisability to start thinking seriously about a sequel.

Warner Bros. is bringing in writers Kieran and Michele Mulroney (of the aborted JUSTICE LEAGUE) to start work on more Victorian-era mysteries and fisticuffs.

What's more, while stars Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law will obviously return, they may be facing Brad Pitt as Holmes' nemesis, the dastardly Moriarty.

Pitt's involvement was actually rumored a short while back (supposedly doing eleventh-hour reshoots for a cameo as the villain), but this was repudiated by the studio. Which makes us wonder if the rumor actually has some basis in fact, or if it simply gave them the idea to chase Pitt for the part.

Extra Tidbit: Pitt has dabbled with the dark side before, but can he be sufficiently sinister to do Holmes' classic rival?
Source: THR



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