Shou a Street Fighter

I'd been hearing this rumor for a couple of weeks now, but today we finally get a confirmation that Rick Yune is officially out of the STREET FIGHTER movie, and Robin Shou has stepped in to replace him as Gen. That's him above. You can CLICK on him to get a better look. Admittedly, he looks nothing like the Gen in the Alpha Street Fighters, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. When I asked Shou for a comment on why he had chosen to play the role, he kicked me in the face and then did back-flips until I passed out. I guess they don't teach social skills at the Shaolin Temple, or wherever the dude grew up.

Aaron Horwitz continues to do a sterling job of keeping us fans informed with another update to the STREET FIGHTER movie blog, wherein you can get a good look at Shou as Gen, another storyboard, and some quotes from both producer Ashok Amritraj (DEATH SENTENCE) and screenwriter Justin Marks (VOLTRON).
Extra Tidbit: Shou has a Civil Engineering Degree from California State University.



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