Show Us Your Shit #9

This latest column on the DVD CLINIC asks YOU to be participate and yes, ladies and germs....SHOW US YOUR SHIT!! If you've got a cool collection of DVDs, movie posters, toys, comic books, figurines, an awesome home theater set-up that you just have to share with the rest of the world of movie nerds who reside on this very site, this column is for you! Just read the requirements below and drop us a line at [email protected] with pics, videos and commentary about your nifty stuff and your collection might be the next one up here.


1) Please include any basic personal info on yourself, so others could know who the f*ck you are. Age, sex, geographical location, what you do in life, etc....

2) Take some pictures or videos of any cool shit you have in your pad, and send it along with your message to us. Make sure that every picture/video is explained and you don't just send us a bunch of pics and say "Here's my shit!", cause that's not what we're looking for. We need some words attached to the pics, what they are, where you might've got it, shit like that.

3) Try and zone in on a couple of your FAVORITE AND UNIQUE ITEMS and point those out as well. If possible, let our readers know WHERE you might've bought them, etc...

Name: Ammon Gilbert

Age: 27

Where: Seattle, WA

Job: Senior Horror Movie News Editor for AITH

The first pic is my DVD collection. I have somewhere around 350 titles, and this is where most of them live. The rack is the best DVD/media rack I've come across to date, bolting directly onto the wall, and sporting a clean look. I got it from IKEA. Unfortunately, they have since discontinued it, and the only place you'll be able to find one now is on Craigslist (if you're lucky). The other pics (DVD Box Sets) is my smaller TV, Box Sets, and Childrens section of my collection. These racks are placed along the top edges of the ceiling near the rest of my collection, and also purchased from IKEA. I'm pretty sure they still sell these, or something similar.


I'm a HUGE fan of TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY. While I don't have as much shit as I used to, I do have a few items that I keep out on the mantle. One, are my Movie Maniacs T-800 and T-1000 battling it out ala the steel mill finale. These little buggers have some of the best detail I've ever seen... and I'm pretty sure you can pick them up anywhere toys are sold. I think I got my mine at KB TOY STORES a few years back. I also have a few other Movie Maniacs that I keep out for show, which you can see in the other pic...

My other prized posession is my VHS TERMINATOR COLLECTION BOX SET. I don't even own a VCR anymore, and I have both movies on DVD, yet I can't bring myself to parting with this set. The cover sports a sweet hollogram of Arnold turning into the T-800, and it's signed by both Arnold and James Cameron. Not really signed, but their signatures are reprinted here. In the box there's a comprehensive 'making of' booklet, featuring concept art, background, and a timeline of the Terminator universe. The set's topped off with widescreen versions of both THE TERMINATOR and TERMINATOR 2, and a Making Of featurette. Standard shit in the DVDs of today, but this was high class chronic back in the early 90s.

That's all I got! Thanks for letting me show my shit! Let me know if you need anything else!

Source: DVD Clinic



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