Simon Pegg in talks to return for Mission: Impossible 4

Despite the box-office disappointment of Tom Cruise's last action movie KNIGHT & DAY, Paramount is still moving full steam ahead on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4 and has started work on rounding out the cast surrounding Cruise's Ethan Hunt. First up: Simon Pegg.

Pegg will return to the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE franchise as Benji Dunn, the geeky version of James Bond's Q. Pegg didn't have much screen time in MI:3 so it's unclear if his role will be expanded for the next sequel or if it will simply be the same expanded cameo style role.

Brad Bird (THE INCREDIBLES) is directing the film from a script by Andre Nemec, Josh Appelbaum and JJ Abrams. Bird is currently meeting with actors to round out the rest of the cast in hopes of securing a September start date. I'd imagine Ving Rhames would also be returning but beyond that, I'd imagine we're getting an all new cast (including ongoing rumors of a younger Ethan Hunt type character for Cruise to mentor).

Pegg will be in San Diego this week to promote PAUL at Comic-Con and will no doubt be asked tons of questions about MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4 to which he will politely demure.

Extra Tidbit: Tom Cruise met with Edgar Wright about directing M:I4.
Source: THR



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