Smith talks hockey

With this year's hockey Winter Classic taking place between the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers at Fenway Park today (go Habs go!), we figured it would be a perfect time to remind folks of Kevin Smith's possible next cinematic venture entitled HIT SOMEBODY, a film which Smith based on Warren Zevon's song of the same name. We recently uncovered a 10-minute video of Smith talking hockey with the writer of said song, Mitch Albom, as they both walk around Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, and even meet some of the actual players (note how Buffalo goaltender Ryan Miller seems to actually know who Smith is!). If you're a big hockey fan, you'll definitely enjoy the video below, and after that, make sure you head on over to ViewAskew.com and check out Kevin's recent visit through the Edmonton Oilers backstage/dressing room, etc... PS: Yes, I'm Canadian and I love hockey...got a problem with that??! ;)

Extra Tidbit: We covered Kevin Smith playing goalie in a hockey tournament just this past summer...
Source: ViewAskew.com



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