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It seems like the sun is finally about to rise on Richard Kelly's SOUTHLAND TALES. Everyone waiting to see how Kelly follows his cult fave DONNIE DARKO will indeed get their chance, possibly later this year.

Kelly himself gave an update at his MySpace blog: "So we have finally gotten the greenlight from Sony for the additional round of visual effects for Southland Tales. This is VERY GOOD NEWS for the film! We will now be able to finish the film properly. Phew! The film will be completely finished for the first public screening sometime mid-summer.

Thank you everyone for your patience and I will let you know when the release date is decided upon and teaser trailer will be released (work is about to begin on the marketing materials)."

Perhaps we'll get to see the finished product some time before the "near future" setting of the film arrives. Our lord and master, JoBlo himself, caught a screening of the flick in its early stages at Cannes last year -- read his review RIGHT HERE!

SOUTHLAND TALES stars Seann William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Rock and an expansive and sundry cast interacting during a Los Angeles heatwave in the not-too-distant future.

Extra Tidbit: Kelly apparently only got a measly nine thousand bucks for writing and directing DONNIE DARKO.



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