Speed Racer featurette

It’s a special day when we get a new SPEED RACER trailer and a now a new SPEED RACER featurette, which you can see HERE. This four minute making-of clip features interviews with the actors and producer Joel Silver, all talking about how mind-blowing this movie is going to be, dropping broad teases like “you’ve never seen anything like this before” and “it’s going to blow everyone away.” Hey, I’m convinced. These are famous people talking, and they don’t lie. While the effects in this film are clearly dazzling, what’s really impressed me (and it’s apparent in this clip) is the winking humor and one-liners, like when Christina Ricci says ‘cool beans.’ The characters appear likeable and tongue-and-cheek, like they aren’t taking themselves too seriously. And of course, the Wachowskis are nowhere to be seen, such is their crippling press shyness. I'm insulted. Check out SPEED RACER on May 9th.
Extra Tidbit: Yeah, that's right--I used the same picture as Thoo. That's because I'm a lazy f*ck.
Source: Apple Trailers



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