Spike Lee wants you to buy his next joint; tries his hand at Kickstarter for "blood addiction" pic

Well, then. It appears that the venue of Kickstarter is attracting the attention of more and more people, including prolific filmmaker Spike Lee, who is set to debut his remake of OLDBOY in October. Lee has launched a new campaign to raise $1.25 million to fund his next feature, which is about "Human beings who are addicted to blood. Funny, sexy, and bloody (and it's not "Blacula")..." The director says he only recently discovered Kickstarter, citing the success of VERONICA MARS and Zack Braff's recent campaigns as a catalyst for him to jump into the foray of crowdfunding.

Here's his pitch:

I'm hot and cold on this Kickstarter stuff, but as it continues I get more icy on the subject. In the video Lee lists the massive amount of films he's made, which begs the question why he can't find the means to do it again. Lee has never been a "commercial" filmmaker and even with the upcoming OLDBOY, he's still safely in the "not for everybody" crowd, as the content in the remake is hardly material that appeals to everyone. The filmmaker used crowdfunding for his last effort, RED HOOK SUMMER, which brought in $40 million at the box office, which isn't too shabby for an indie.

He goes on to say that "The Hollywood Studio System is not an encouraging look for independent filmmakers" especially when so many genre films are being made, saying "Super Heroes, Comic Books, 3D Special EFX, Blowing up the Planet Nine Times and Fly through the Air while Transforming is not my Thang. To me it's not just that these Films are being made but it seems like these are the only films getting made." which is baffling as OLDBOY is none of those things and yet he was able to make it within "the system."

Eh. I don't buy this one. But, if you want to fund a "blood addicted" movie with "lots of sex" then by all means, head over to Kickstarter and buy a joint. A Spike Lee one, if you will.

Extra Tidbit: I still think Kickstarter is great for those without 52 professional directing gigs on their resume, but for the Spike Lee's of the world, it's getting to be a bit much.
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