Strauses talk Requiem

AvP 2

Not too long ago, the first trailer for ALIEN VS. PREDATOR: REQUIEM, the sequel to Paul W.S. Anderson's universally derided original, came out of nowhere to shoot its acidic alien spit at us and melt our goddamn faces off. That is, it kicked ass.

The folks at Shock Till You Drop have now uncovered a tasty nugget of info that should raise our anticipation even further. According to a scooper of theirs, "the Strause brothers [the film's directors] - who have already impressed the hell out of us with an action-packed trailer loaded with grue - will give fans a long-awaited look at the home world of the Predator species."

And this comes in the wake of The Strause bros. telling Fangoria that "There's lots of stuff still unseen…a new world perhaps…" Kick ass Predator home world action, baby!

And as if that wasn't enough, the Strause bros. recently unloaded all kinds of sploogeworthy info to MTV, basically elaborating on the film's plot. Stuff like this, for example:

Basically you're following this one Predator — the star of this movie. We call him the Wolf internally because basically he's Harvey Keitel from 'Pulp Fiction.' He's the cleaner. He shows up and he's not there for the trophies…If anybody gets in his way, he'll just cut 'em in half.

Read the rest of the interview HERE. And thanks to Movie Man for the heads up!

Extra Tidbit: The Strause bros. are veteran and exceptionally diverse visual effects artists, with their work ranging from both FANTASTIC FOUR films to MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 to ASK THE DUST to BABEL and a whole lot more.



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