Super spoilery Hangover 2 pics show tattoos and baldness

Alright, I'm going to go ahead and preface this with a million SPOILER warnings because I personally am rather peeved I saw these pictures which ruin what probably would have been one or two good jokes in the movie. But I know there are still some of you who don't care and want to see.




Annd just realized I need to put a few more lines in to shove this picture down.

So, how are things?

I just watched TRON yesterday to brush up for the new one.

Dated, but still pretty rockin.

OK, is that far down enough?

Here you go. I am warning against this though.

TMZ got these two shots from Thailand taken from the set of THE HANGOVER 2 which show Ed Helms on a tattoo picture board with Mike Tyson's face tattoo (yes, it's pretty much exactly the same), and another with Zack Galifianakis with a shaved head, and the tag that he's supposed to become a monk in the film. Makes sense considering the location. His baldness was already revealed recently on Jimmy Fallon (video below), and we've known about the tattooist role for a while now due to the whole Mel Gibson/Liam Neeson drama a bit ago.

Yeah, both seem like pretty funny developments, but really wish I hadn't seen these.

Zach with a wig on Fallon:

Extra Tidbit: Wonder if Tyson returns somehow?
Source: TMZ



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