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Sweeney cuts Lee

Any time an actor as eccentric and wonderfully eerie as Christopher Lee gets dropped from a film, it automatically suffers. But when that film is Tim Burtonís upcoming musical SWEENEY TODD, and features a cast that includes Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Sasha Baron Cohen, I canít imagine the movie suffering too much of a blow.

Lee, who was to play a character not in the original musical named the ĎGentleman Ghostí has been cut from the film for unexplained reasons. Lee, ever the optimist, had this to say about it: "It would have been worse if I had done the scenes, but I never got to film them. It's a shame as the lyrics were wonderful, but these things happen." Thatís right Christopher. As dark and sinister as you are, itís always important to look on the bright side of things.

TODD tells the musical story of a barber (Depp) who sets out to get revenge on the judge who wrongly imprisoned him. The musical was originally written by songster Steven Sondheim, who had this to say about the upcoming project: ďSometimes a story or stage production has to wait a long time until the right people come together to turn it into a motion picture. That's what has happened with Sweeney Todd and I'm excited as well as confident that it will be a first-rate and startling movie." And to that I have to say, as are we Steven, as are we, Christopher Lee or not.

Extra Tidbit: This would have been Lee's fourth film with Burton, the others being SLEEPY HOLLOW, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, and CORPSE BRIDE.
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