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Taken 2 director stays in the abduction game with Land of the Living


Land of the Living book coverOlivier Megaton (COLUMBIANA, TAKEN 2) has just about the coolest name I've ever encountered, and as its presence in an article renders everything that comes after utterly uninteresting I'll keep this short.  Megaton has signed on to direct an adaptation of the novel LAND OF THE LIVING as scripted by Sean Gullette (PI), the story of which deals with "Abbie Devereaux, a young advertising executive who is abducted on the streets of Los Angeles, manages to escape and --with almost no help from the police -- tracks down her would-be killer."

Shooting is set to start in January of 2013.

The producers collectively shared their opinion that "this is a high adrenaline thriller based on an incredibly intense and provocative novel, and we are ecstatic about having Olivier Megaton onboard to bring this to movie audiences around the world."

Extra Tidbit: Best real name you've ever encountered?
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