Taken director Pierre Morel a lead candidate to direct that Ouija board movie you all want

Oh, good grief.

If you've been following our news, we first reported on a OUIJA movie back in 2008 when it was announced that the popular (?) talking board phantasms use to text message you was going to be turned into a film, courtesy of producer and destroyer of worlds Michael Bay. Well, it's still happening, and now they've got a director in mind...

According to LA Times' 24 Frames, Pierre Morel (DUNE, TAKEN) "is a lead candidate to land the director's job on the film, according to sources who asked not to be identified because the discussions are still in an early stage." 24 Frames also adds that OUIJA - written by TRON: LEGACY and "Lost" writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz - is being developed as an action-adventure yarn similar to the 2004 Nic Cage flick NATIONAL TREASURE.

This falls in line with what producer Brad Fueller (of Bay's Platinum Dunes) said earlier this year to Bloody Disgusting: "‘Ouija’ isn’t really a horror movie per se, it’s definitely more of a big action-adventure movie along the lines of…I gotta be careful what I compare it to. But you know, it’s like a big action-adventure movie. And that script…I’ve read a couple pages of it, it seems good. I think we’re getting the full script in the next month. And that’s a very exciting project for it, cause it’s a much bigger movie, and it gives us an opportunity to try something we haven’t done before…There are definitely horror elements, because it’s about Ouija and what happens from an Ouija board, but it’s a much bigger film. I would call it an action-adventure with horror elements."
Extra Tidbit: So which are you anticipating more? OUIJA? MAGIC 8-BALL? STRETCH ARMSTRONG? Hahaha... God, somebody F*CKING SHOOT ME.



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