Taylor's Head Splinters

Of all the young starlets that graced the screen last year, only a small handful have stayed with me. Rachael Taylor--the Aussie chick from TRANSFORMERS--is one of them.

I've always felt kind of bad for Rachael, as she got somewhat screwed with that movie. Imagine you're a hot young blond, ready to conquer Hollywood, and you just get cast in one of the biggest films of the year alongside--well, Megan Fox and her midriff. Ouch.

Hopefully now it's her time to shine. Rachael will star in a new film called SPLINTERHEADS, a carnival-set comedy written and directed by Brant Sersen about a carnie con artist (Taylor) who dupes and then forms a relationship with a local twentysomething slacker, played by Chicago Second city veteran Thomas Middleditch.

Um, the plot doesn't sound too riveting but guys, look at that girl's face. That alone gives her the benefit of the doubt.
Extra Tidbit: Rachael turned down a role in TRANSFORMERS 2 because she's "done it already". Way to go baby. It's your turn to shine.
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