TDK Best Picture?

For some people (myself included) nothing would be sweeter, than watching Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas walk up to the podium come Oscar-time and accept the venerable trophy for Best Picture for THE DAR KNIGHT. Many say it can't be done--either because it is undeserved, or because a true masterpiece will never trump the steel clutch of tradition. That tradition being the notion that the esteemed members of the Academy would refuse to acknowledge a summer blockbuster--based on a comic book no less--as something more than an exercise in explosions and one-liners. When clearly, all who saw the film, recognize it as something much greater.

The forward thinking folks at DarkCampaign.com have taken it upon themselves to make sure that this film is not ignored come voting time and have created a superb website and accompanying video to remind voters and the public alike, how truly profound and all-encompassing this film really is. Kudos guys, kudos.

Extra Tidbit: I know I get hated on for blowing this movie up but so what. it rules.
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