The cast speaks in new Scott Pilgrim featurette chock full of new footage

SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD seems more or less content to keep us occupied with its existing trailers, but there is now a new featurette from the film, which is a way to hand out some new footage without necessarily having to organize it in to a cohesive trailer.

We hear from the cast and crew, namely Wright, Cera, Winstead and Schwartzman, who pretty much just explain the plot in case you didn’t know it already. I did like Wright’s line about how in musicals when emotion gets too heavy, people break into song, but here, they break into fights.

The new footage isn’t anything too revolutionary, as most of the battle scenes we’ve seen already, but for fans it will be cool to see a bit more from the film, which will hopefully end this lackluster movie season with a bang come August.

Check it out below, or over at Apple for HD.

Extra Tidbit: This really is the Michael Cera role to end all Michael Cera roles. He should probably retire after this.
Source: Apple



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