The Darjeeling poster

Here it is everyone, the poster for the new Wes Anderson, classically titled movie THE DARJEELING LIMITED. I f*cking love that title and I love this poster. Granted, it wasn't hard to make. Just take three already chilled-out dudes, make them look even more chilled out in a Wes Anderson kind of way, then throw them in front of a colourfully authentic Indian background, snap that picture and boom! The poster for the new Wes Anderson movie. This one is said to be about three brothers taking a train (The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway) through India. No word on whether or not they're looking for a white tiger, as has been reported. The movie open the New York Film Festival on September 28 and then rolls into theatres a day later. And of course, you guys can click to ENLARGE.

Extra Tidbit: Looks like the trailer for this one will debut this weekend in front of SUNSHINE and ONCE, meaning it should be popping online any day now.
Source: /Film



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