The Hobbit cover

Empire have unveiled the cover of their next issue and on it you can find what I guess is technically a first look at THE HOBBIT. The Guillermo Del Toro movie is of course years away but I know how you guys love your elves and your dragons and people with names like Radagast the Brown and when people talk about the one ring, so I figured you would lap this up. I don't know why I'm not more excited about this movie - it has so many awesome ingredients. I guess it's a taste thing but I think Orlando Bloom and his super epic Middle Earth line delivery wrecked this entire canon for me: It is... the horses... they're scared... it must be... could it be... -- OH MY GOD SPIT IT OUT YOU SPAZ

If you never read the book, it comes before the events of LORD OF THE RINGS and follows the journey of Bilbo Baggins who travels to the Lonely Mountain with a bunch of dwarves to reclaim treasure taken from them, by a dragon.
Extra Tidbit: Philippa Boyens who worked on the screenplay for all of the LORD OF THE RINGS movies is down for THE HOBBIT too.
Source: Empire



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