The Losers are indecisive, move back to April

Gotta admit, THE LOSERS looks like a blast. I enjoyed the whole run of the DC/Vertigo comics, but seeing people like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans and (ohmy) Zoe Saldana as the characters is a real kick.

But Warner Bros. couldn't seem to figure out where to put them. Until now.

First THE LOSERS felt the loss of their original release date of April 9th when CLASH OF THE TITANS needed extra time to be three-dimensionalized and got shifted to April 2nd.

So THE LOSERS hit the road to June 4th. But wait --  that's dangerously close to another big military-types-on-the-run movie, THE A-TEAM.

So now it's back to April for THE LOSERS, but now on the 23rd, which should give Sam Worthington sufficient time to slay various mythological beasts. But unless someone else flinches, it will be going against MACGRUBER, WALL STREET 2 and J.Lo's latest romcom atrocity THE BACK-UP PLAN.

Extra Tidbit: Before STOMP THE YARD director Sylvain White came on board, Peter Berg, McG and Tim Story (FANTASTIC FOUR) were attached.
Source: ERC Box Office



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