The Other Social Network trailer features the less epic journey of Tom

Currently, the latest trailer for THE SOCIAL NETWORK is my favorite of the year, mainly due to that awesome cover of Radiohead’s Creep, but the first word-heavy spot was memorable in it’s own way as well.

That was the inspiration for this trailer for THE OTHER SOCIAL NETWORK, you know, the one that you had until three years ago when your profile was hacked and it started posting penis enlargement spam on all your friend's walls? Or maybe that just happened to me.

Anyway, watch the trailer below from Best Week Ever, and experience the tragic saga behind the rise and fall of MySpace for yourself firsthand.

Extra Tidbit: MySpace was just lazy. They never cared about usability updates, fixing spam filters or the fact that entire thing was just ugly as hell. It's apparent Twitter suffers from all the same problems (although it’s not quite as ugly), and I sincerely hope it suffers the same fate.
Source: BWE



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