The Rock in Space

Well, I guess it's official. Dwayne "The Rock No More" Johnson will not be stepping in as a savior to help fill the dreaded void of Modern Action Heroes. Dwayne has instead gone the way of the Mouse.

Yep, Johnson is all about Disney. After the resounding, depressing success of his kid-flick THE GAME PLAN, the ex-rassler has hopped on more family-friendly fare like RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN, the upcoming THE TOOTH FAIRY, and a possible SHAZAM flick.

And now the home of Mickey wants to thrust forward another piece of its theme park as an intended movie franchise riding the wake of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, ripping up a whole chunk of real estate for TOMORROWLAND, based on the Magic Kingdom's futuristic area where Space Mountain resides.

No further details on the project were offered other than writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore are knocking out an "epic-sized action adventure set in space" as a starring vehicle for Johnson. If ya smell what PLUTO NASH is cookin'.

R.I.P., The Rock. Thanks for... well, THE RUNDOWN. Maybe THE SCORPION KING.

Extra Tidbit: So who's left for Action guys? Let's see, there's Jason Statham... umm...
Source: Variety



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