The Shining party!

There aren't a lot of holidays that make you want to pack up your stuff and travel to see a film. I love Christmas as much as the next guy but I can't see traveling to Chicago to watch FRED CLAUS. But Halloween is the perfect holiday to get your stuff together and make a trip to watch a classic horror flick. Case in point: getting to watch THE SHINING at the Overlook Hotel. As you probably know, The Overlook is actually The Timberline Lodge just outside of Portland, Oregon. Well Fantastic Fest is giving a few lucky people the opportunity to actually watch THE SHINING where it was filmed. Prior to the screening there will be a 20s era party in the bar (formal attire is mandatory) and you'd have to think there'd be a bartender named Lloyd to get you your favorite drink. You can even get a package with a room at the Lodge so you can head back up to your room at midnight and watch the movie simultaneously with the rest of the guests. Sounds pretty damn cool right? That's assuming you can get your ass to Portland, Oregon. For more information, head to the official site to find out how to sign up. Better act quick because there are only 250 tickets. Thanks to Slashfilm for the heads up!

Extra Tidbit: Nike, an Oregonian company, is sponsoring the party.
Source: Fantastic Fest



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