The Take trailer

THE TAKE has one of those edge-of-your seat trailers. No way the actual movie can be this good. I worked at a DVD store for two years, and it has straight-to-dvd throwaway written all over it, perhaps unfairly so. Has a movie starring John Leguizamo ever made waves? But the trailer is gritty, engrossing, and tells a classic revenge tale, where nothing is as it seems. The plot:

“A gritty, action thriller with an all-star cast featuring Emmy Award Winner John Leguizamo, Tyrese Gibson, Bobby Cannavale and Rosie Perez! Felix De La Pena (Emmy Award-winner John Leguizamo) is an armored car driver struggling to make ends meet for his wife Marina (Rosie Perez) and two kids in East LA’s Boyle Heights neighborhood. But their lives are thrown into chaos after Felix miraculously survives a violent on-the-job hijacking led by Adell Baldwin (Tyrese Gibson), a merciless criminal driven by power and greed. Now facing a difficult recovery and struggling with a nasty new temper, Felix becomes obsessed with tracking down his attackers before they frame him for the crimes they committed.”

Props to Leguizamo for turning a comedy career into one where he can get away with playing a dark and damaged figure. And to Tyrese too, who is playing against type as the villain. Check it HERE. What do y’all think?

Extra Tidbit: Even that poster wreaks of straight to DVD. Trust me, I've seen a lot.
Source: Apple trailers



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