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The Transporter will leave skid marks on your TV


Jason Statham may have driven on, but beefy wheelman Frank Martin still has deliveries to make and faces to kick. He'll just be doing it on a smaller screen.

Luc Besson and EuropaCorp (along with Atlantique Prods.) are bringing their TRANSPORTER series to TV, starting with an order of 12 hour-long episodes. Production is expected to start in early 2011, filming in Canada and France with a considerable budget of $4 million per episode.

If it follows the movies, each episode will feature physics-defying vehicular maneuvers and find our sinewy hero stripping shirtless and battling henchmen while coated in some type of fluid.

No cast has been announced, but I'd have to say that Besson regular Cyrill Raffaelli (DISTRICT 13) is a qualified candidate, assuming he works on his English.

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of car chase movies, a RONIN television series has been attempted at least twice since John Frankenheimer's espionage thriller screeched onto screens in 1998.
Source: Variety



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