Total Recall's Paul Verhoeven back with a new project about psychic muslims

Paul Verhoeven has been off the radar for so long now, you might not even recognize his name, but the director of ROBOCOP, TOTAL RECALL and STARSHIP TROOPERS is back with a new project, and it sounds like a trip.

Verhoeven revealed on a Dutch TV show Zomergasten that he was working with writer Gerard Soeteman to adapt the novel THE HIDDEN FORCE by Dutch novelist Louis Couperus. What's it all about? Uhh...

“[The movie is about] rebellion against colonial rule, the emergence of fundamentalist Islam, the behavior between people, adultery and psychic powers. It is a story about things that we do not understand but it does happen.”

Uh, is there a relationship between Islam, adultery and psychic powers? I guess so, and it appears Verhoeven thinks it's a relationship worth tackling. If any big Dutch literature fans are out there, feel free to chime in with your thoughts about this project.

Extra Tidbit: Verhoeven has been dormant for years, but his 2006 Dutch film BLACK BOOK comes highly recommended.



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