Transformers 2 prequel

This has flown totally under my radar but apparently the second issue of the comic arc setting up TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN is now available. Sneakpeek.ca has a look at some of the artwork from it that you can check out HERE.

The second official prequel to next summer's Transformers movie begins here in a tale that delves back to the very origins of Cybertron and the beginnings of the war between Autobots and Decepticons. This first issue introduces new threats and sets up the reasons for the conflict that leads directly into next summer's sequel."

I'm gonna lay the gauntlet down to those dudes in the advertising department working on this film right now: if you don't put out the best poster ever you have failed not just as professionals but as human beings. You have giant fighting robots and you have Megan Fox's giant rack. And you have Photoshop. Looking at this thing should be like looking inside Marcellus Wallace's briefcase.
Extra Tidbit: If Megatron really doesn't come back, then I truly hate everyone involved in the creative department of the TRANSFORMERS franchise.
Source: Sneakpeek



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