Trek: Saldana is Uhura

JJ Abrams is assembling the crew for the next (first? last?) Enterprise voyage in his prequel (reboot? time travel story?) of STAR TREK, and he's found his communications officer, Lt. Uhura.

Intensely sexy exotic blend Zoe Saldana will be answering the space phone (or whatever) when TREK travels back to its earlier years in Abrams' enigmatic flick. The Uhura role was previously played with a short skirt and plenty of hair (and even a bare midriff -- thanks, "Mirror, Mirror") by Nichelle Nichols.

Saldana has appeared in numerous smaller roles - including the first PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN - but has a major part in James Cameron's sci-fi epic AVATAR, in which she plays an alien (the kind you want to have freaky sex with, not the Giger type). The Abrams STAR TREK is due to hit Warp Factor Sexy in December 2008.
Extra Tidbit: Nichols was convinced by Martin Luther King, Jr. to stay on the original TREK series, because he thought she was a role model for African-Americans. And looked hot in the uniform.
Source: Variety



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