Two join Judge's next

Back in April we heard that Jason Bateman was teaming up with writer/director Mike Judge for his upcoming comedy EXTRACT. Now comes word via Entertainment Weekly that Judge has found Bateman's female co-stars. Kristen Wiig and Mila Kunis will join Bateman in the comedy about a man who owns a flower extract factory whose life is deteriorating around him due to a string of bad luck. Wiig will play Bateman's wife who is two-timing him with gigolo. Kunis will play a plant worker who would appear to have some sort of romantic involvement with Bateman's character. Film would be the second to shoot this summer for Wiig, who will be on break from "Saturday Night Live." She recently signed on to co-star with Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore in the roller derby comedy WHIP IT!. Kunis has been off shooting MAX PAYNE with Mark Wahlberg, which is set for release later this October. Home audiences (whether it be through TV or DVD) seem to have taken a liking to Judge but he's yet to have theatrical success with his films. Bateman is on a major role so here's hoping EXTRACT can break that chain of bad luck.

Extra Tidbit: Judge was the voice of Kenny in SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER AND UNCUT.



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