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Universal gets Jay Roach to produce an untitled family adventure


Larry Stuckey is popular today. First the guy gets a job writing the Uglydolls movie and now he is getting to pen another untitled family adventure flick. Good for you! Glad to see that as one of the writers of LITTLE FOCKERS, you are still getting work.

Jay Roach will be producing the pitch from Stuckey. Dean Parisot (FUN WITH DICK & JANE) will direct the comedy.

The plot centers on, "a man and a woman who put aside their adventurous days in order to have a family. When the man finds his life a bit routine, he can't resist going off in search of a long-buried, fabled icon, convincing his family they're merely going on vacation." Sounds like the typical money making family fare.

Stuckey and Roach have worked together on FOCKERS.

Extra Tidbit: Today I learned that Roach is married to Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles. Well done!
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