UPDATE: New Moon teaser

UPDATE: That 14-second teaser promoting the upcoming trailer is now online. You can take a peek right down there below the article.


"I shouldn't have had that 4th prune juice"

Hey all you Edward/Jacob teaming Twihards! Can't wait to see Taylor Lautner rip his shirt off like a Native American Capt Kirk? Here's something to help satisfy your excitement.

Summit Entertainment heard the (mostly feminine) fans' plea for a longer, better, meatier trailer to the TWILIGHT SAGA's second chapter NEW MOON, and will offer them all a chance to scream at either Lautner or Robert Pattinson's hair IF fans agree to pay the admission price for the studio's BANDSLAM opening this Friday. Pay for Vanessa Hudgens, see the latest NEW MOON trailer. No pain, no trailer.

For those who absolutely, positively can not wait 'til the end of the week, Summit in all their generosity will premiere a 14-second glimpse at the trailer on TV nationwide, this Tuesd

ay night August 11th. 14 seconds! Imagine that! I can barely contain myself...

And here it is!

Extra Tidbit: Just realized the awesome Graham Greene is in that movie. Dude deserves much more work than he's been getting these last few years. He was damn funny in MAVERICK and DIE HARD 3.



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