Valkyrie pics

The guys at Empire have gotten their hands on a couple of new pictures from the upcoming thriller VALKYRIE. The film, of course is based on the assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler's life by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise). I haven't read the script or anything, but something tells me he's gonna fail and we're in for a downer of an ending. I'll stake a thousand dollars if anyone's interested. The film is directed by Bryan Singer (THE USUAL SUSPECTS). Hopefully this will be a reminder to all those kids nowadays who only know Tom Cruise as a punchline and not as a powerhouse dramatic actor. Because those same kids who laughed at the parody of him in SCARY MOVIE 4, they're definitely seeing a movie about a Nazi who dresses like a pirate, right?

You can check out the pictures by clicking on the one BELOW:

Extra Tidbit: A couple of scenes actually had to be reshot, as some of the original film was damaged after being treated with the wrong chemicals.
Source: Empire



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