Vaughn on Thor

The current chaos in Hollywood has impacted a number of high-profile projects, but that doesn't seem to bother director Matthew Vaughn (LAYER CAKE) in regards to his next project, a feature based on Marvel Comics' hammer-swinger THOR.

Vaughn would prefer to keep the Norse Thunder God close to the UK: "We have the A-list actors, designers, cinematographers and crew in Britain, so there's no need to make Thor among all that madness in Los Angeles," he tells the Daily Mail. Marvel is financing the project themselves (much like IRON MAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK), which means they aren't as reliant on studio support/interference, so Vaughn might get his way after all.

The original hope was for the project to gear up in early 2008 to beat the potential actor strikes, but now commencement has been shifted until later in the year (no cast is currently attached). For the sake of the comics' fans, I wonder if Vaughn plans to tinker with the draft by Mark Protosevich (I AM LEGEND), which was part mythology lesson, part Viking adventure -- with nothing set in the modern day and little that even resembles the Marvel character.
Extra Tidbit: Vaughn's last film STARDUST didn't make much of an impression in North America but eventually found an international audience -- it's made $125 million worldwide.
Source: Daily Mail



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