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Verhoeven Sounds Off

A lot of people are calling Paul Verhoevenís latest film BLACK BOOK his best work in years, which isnít surprising considering he hasnít done anything in years. His last film was HOLLOW MAN in 2000, which wasnít terrible by any means, although Iím guessing the direct-to-video sequel HOLLOW MAN 2 was.

Anyway, the website Suicide Girls has a pretty interesting interview with the Dutch director about his new film, the negative reception by some to his cult classic STARSHIP TROOPERS, as well as his thoughts on James Cameronís Ďdiscoveryí of Jesusí tomb. Hereís an excerpt discussing STARSHIP TROOPERS:

I always thought the movie was badly understood. There was an article in The Washington Post when it came out that was not written by a movie critic. One of the editors wrote it saying that this was a neo-Nazi movie and I was promoting Fascism. That same article was published in all the European newspapers. When I went to do the publicity tour in Europe, everybody was already looking through that lens. The Washington Post is not a reliable newspaper anyway but they said the film was written by a neo-Nazi or a Fascist and directed by one.

The rest of the interview can be found HERE and BLACK BOOK is released on April 4th in NY and LA.
Extra Tidbit: Verehoeven was the first person to ever show up at the Razzies, to collect his prize for Worst Film SHOWGIRLS in 1995.
Source: Suicide Girls



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