Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender are in a singing mood on the set of A Dangerous Method

I don't think I have to ask if you want a behind-the-scenes video of Viggo Mortensen in A DANGEROUS METHOD. I'll also thrown in Michael Fassbender.

There's just one tiny problem--it's in German.

I'm about to start my second semester of German, so I'm not a very good translator. Words that I picked out besides the obvious, "Austria, Friday, capitol, Vienna". They also at one point discuss the plot of the film. Sorry I'm not much help.

While trying to pick out various German phrases I still enjoyed it. Listening to Mortensen and Fassbender sing was excellent. Then there's a nice solo of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" belted out by Fassbender. Unfortunately there's no footage of the lovely Keira Knightley. But there's some other nice looking women wearing the fashions of the time.

Towards the end of one of the videos producer Jeremy Thomas talks a little, but there's someone translating over it. Any native German speakers out there who would like to help this Fräulein out?

Extra Tidbit: Fassbender could perhaps translate. He was born in Heidelberg, Germany.
Source: YoutubeCinema Blend



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