Vote for 500 Days art

Just yesterday we brought you a look at the new trailer for 500 DAYS OF SUMMER. In my humble opinion the trailer was a little too cliched for this very uncliched movie with the teaser trailer (which was based on a 1963 trailer for Jean Luc-Goddard's CONTEMPT) being a much better representation of the film. So there was one piece of marketing for the film I liked and one I didn't like. Well now I get some aspect of control over the next piece of marketing.

Fox Searchlight is letting movie fans vote on the poster for 500 DAYS over on the film's official site. They're giving you four choices and the poster with the most votes will become the official one-sheet and start hanging up in theaters all over the place. I included my personal preference below but if you click on that poster you'll head over and see the other three selections.

Extra Tidbit: If you don't agree with my choice you have terrible taste. Just kidding (??).
Source: Fox Searchlight



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